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Wooden Plantation Shutters – The Eco-Friendly Choice for Your Home

23rd June 2021

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and make more sustainable choices for your home, wooden plantation shutters should be at the top of your list. Not only are they beautiful and add classic charm, but they are also an incredibly eco-friendly window treatments. Here’s why wooden shutters are the perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious homeowner.

eco-friendly window treatments

Renewable and Sustainable Materials
Wood is a naturally renewable and sustainable material, especially when sourced from properly managed forests. Unlike plastic blinds or shades made from non-renewable resources like petroleum products, shutters made of wood like basswood or cedar require relatively little energy to produce. With proper care, wooden shutters can last for decades, preventing waste and the need for constant replacement.

Energy Efficiency
Wooden plantation shutters are extremely effective at insulating your home’s windows. With their tight louver construction, you can adjust the shutters to allow in as much or as little light and air flow as desired. In the summer months, keeping the shutters closed over sun-exposed windows can drastically reduce heat transfer, lowering energy costs for air conditioning. Conversely, opening shutters in the winter can let warming sunlight into your home and reduce heating needs.

Reduced Carbon Footprint
Because wooden shutters enhance insulation and energy efficiency in the home, less energy is required to heat and cool your living spaces throughout the year. This leads to lower emissions of greenhouse gases associated with producing electricity or burning fossil fuels for HVAC use. Over time, the substantial energy savings from shutters can offset their initial carbon footprint from manufacturing and transport.

Natural and Biodegradable
Unlike synthetic window treatments, wooden shutters are made from nature and can be biodegraded after decommissioning at the end of their lifespan. This prevents bulky blinds and shades from piling up in landfills and contaminating soil and water with plastics that never breakdown fully. Shutters make the environmentally-friendly choice across their entire lifecycle.

If you want to make your home more eco-friendly while adding classic warmth and elegance, consider an investment in high-quality wooden plantation shutters. Not only will they beautify your living spaces, but they’ll help you reduce energy consumption, lower emissions, and live more sustainably for years to come. What’s not to love?

Here at the Woodstock Shutter Company we are always striving for ways to improve people’s homes while still providing eco-friendly window treatments.

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