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How our Shutters are Energy Efficient

22nd August 2022

Here at the Woodstock Shutter Company, we are always trying to find ways to help our customers make their homes beautiful but did you know that our shutters also have an energy efficiency impact too! This post will educate you to how our shutters are energy efficient.

Check out the below video from our supply partner S:Craft to find out how shutters can not only make your house a home but also help you cut down on energy bills!



So how exactly do shutters improve energy efficiency? Let’s break it down simply:

Shutters Are Great Insulation

Quality shutters made of wood or insulated vinyl create an extra barrier against heat transfer. In summer, they block the hot sun from heating up your home’s interior, reducing AC costs. In winter, they trap warm air inside, requiring less heating.

Control Light and Heat

Adjusting the louvers lets you control sunlight and heat entering your rooms. Closed louvers block intense direct light and heat gain on hot days. Open louvers allow in natural warmth on cold days while providing lighting.

how our shutters are energy efficient

Enhance Window Performance

Windows are a major source of heat loss/gain. Adding shutters boosts the insulating power of your windows. The Department of Energy says this improves energy efficiency substantially.

Choosing Efficient Shutters

For maximum efficiency, consider:
– Insulating materials like wood or insulated vinyl
– Tight weatherstripping seals when closed
– Narrower louver sizes
– Precise mounting flush with window frames

Our experts at Woodstock Shutter Company can guide your selection and ensure proper installation for peak performance.

how our shutters are energy efficient

Shutters offer style and efficiency under one roof. By blocking heat transfer and controlling light, they make homes cosier while trimming energy costs over time. An investment in quality shutters pays off through lower bills and a reduced environmental impact. Which all goes to help you fully understand how our shutters are energy efficient.

Let us help you reap the shutter efficiency benefits! Schedule a consultation today.

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